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Any natural or legal person who enters and/or uses the Ziba homes Platform in any way (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "your") or uses any present or forthcoming service, functionality, or offer made available on the Ziba homes Platform (hereinafter referred to as "Service(s)"), as updated from time to time, is bound by the terms and conditions as set forth herein (the "Terms").

You expressly accept to be legally bound by the Terms by using the Ziba homes Platform. Avoid utilizing the Ziba homes Platform if you disagree with any of the Terms. Please email homesziba@gmail.com if you have any issues concerning the terms.

  • In accordance with these Terms:

Furniture and other items offered for sale to you on the Ziba homes Platform shall be referred to as "Products" in the following. Moreover, we and you will both be referred to as "Party" and as "Parties" collectively.



The Ziba homes Platform offers, among other things, allow you to find, select, and buy Products mentioned on Ziba homes Platform at the specified price at any time, from the locations serviceable by us. The terms and conditions for usage of the Ziba homes Platform, as set out in this document ("Terms of Use") govern your access and interaction with the Ziba homes Platform.


2.1   You can opt to register on the Ziba homes Platform in order to buy Items on the Ziba homes Platform and/or use the Services. One time registration is required. After completing the relevant forms and giving us any additional information we may have requested at the time of your registration, you will be qualified to access and use the Services as soon as you receive an email confirmation from us.

2.2   The account you created is only permitted to be used by you.  rHence, it is your duty to keep your account's log-in information private and to limit access to your mobile device, computer, and other similar devices in order to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You will continue to be held completely responsible for all actions made using your account.

2.3   To assist customers in recognising the Products of their choice, we provide visual representations on the Ziba homes Platform, such as graphics, photographs and infographics. The correctness of the visual representation or description of the Product is not guaranteed by us, despite our best efforts to provide accurate visual representation. At the end, users will get the genuine Goods. For a variety of reasons, the product's appearance may change when it is delivered.


In order to prevent phony accounts and transactions, we constantly monitor the user's account. In the event that such individuals use the Ziba homes Platform fraudulently or commit any other illegal acts or omissions that violate these terms and conditions, we have the right to bring legal action against them. Prior to pursuing legal action, we reserve the right to instantly terminate the offending account and dishonor any previous and pending orders in the event that a fraudulent or refused transaction is discovered. We shall have no obligation to provide any reimbursements for the purposes of this clause.


The actions listed below are prohibited. Any collection and use of product listings, descriptions, or prices, any use of the Ziba homes Platform, the Services, or the Content other than what is permitted by these Terms of Use, any downloading or copying of a user's login information, and any use of data mining, robots, or other similar data gathering and extraction tools to extract (once or repeatedly) any parts of the Ziba homes Platform are all prohibited.


5.1 You assure us that the following things are true, accurate, and lawful: (a) no applicable law or regulation will be broken by your use of the Ziba homes Platform and/or Services; (b) all information provided to us in connection with the Ziba homes Platform and/or Services is truthful, accurate, and legal; and  We have the right to refuse registration, cancel all orders, and forbid you from using the Services and other associated services in the future if at any point we discover that the information you have given is fraudulent or inaccurate.

5.2 You agree not to take any acts that could endanger the Ziba homes platform or its content or that are otherwise prohibited by the platform and that you will only use the platform for lawful purposes. You have a limited license to access and use the Ziba homes Platform in accordance with these Terms of Use, and only in order to access and use the Services.


Please review the Returns Policy and Refund Policy which applies to Products sold by us.


We provide availability details for the Products on the applicable Ziba homes Platform homepage. Beyond what is stated on that page or elsewhere on the Ziba homes Platform, we are unable to provide more precise information on availability. Attention: Dispatching estimates are not promised and shouldn't be taken as such. If any of the Goods you ordered turn out to be unavailable or out of stock, we will let you know via email and/or mobile SMS as we process your purchase.


For regions in India, all costs are provided in Indian Rupees, and for those in the UK, in British Pounds. All applicable taxes are included in the price as shown.


You acknowledge that using, purchasing, or otherwise possessing certain Products may require licenses or permissions under the applicable laws (s). It will be your exclusive responsibility to secure these licenses and permissions and to adhere to their conditions.

  1. TAXES

All fees, prices, and charges related to purchasing Goods from us shall be paid by you, and you agree to pay all relevant taxes.


We reserve the right to change these terms of sale and our policies whenever we see fit. You will be bound by the policies and Conditions of Sale in force at the time you order Merchandise from us, unless a change to those rules or these Terms of Sale is required by law or a governmental agency (in which case it will apply to orders previously placed by you). If any of these terms shall be determined to be invalid, void, or for any other reason unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.